Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby Boy Bib

How does one stop taking photos of this wee guy? 

I have been able to sew out one bib yesterday, Carter was happy to model it as long as he got to play or chew on the lens cover.

I used one fat Quart, to make this bib. It is a bib that I have posted on this blog before it is from craftiness is not optional. Because Carter is wider in the chest I made the bib bigger/wider in the chest, it worked perfectly.

I used a cowboy fabric from spotlight. As he is teething at the moment this bib is perfect for staying in place and catching all the drool.

I just love the back, very sweet. I super sized this bib for my niece. I will post when finished as I had to adjust the pattern.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Large Chevron Bag

Carter and I go swimming, I took his baby bag and another the first day and it was a nightmare. So I worked a little sewing magic and made this bag.

I love it, it fits my gear and towel. All of Carter's baby stuff and towel. 
I used a upholstery Fabric so it is nice thick.