Thursday, August 8, 2013

Angelina Dollie

Meet Angelina Dollie.  I have become very addicted to looking at Waldorf dolls, and as I have been blessed with boys I don't need to buy them. But I do have many family members with only girls so I am very lucky I can sew for them and giving them as gifts is an awesome feeling.

I didn't have a pattern for a head so I think it is a little bit chunky, but I think that kind of gives her charm.
I knitted a cap to sew her hair onto which I know from previous times it is hard to stop filling in the gaps.

I gave her a little sweeping fringe.

I played with different ways for her hair.

I love her little nose. I also added bits of ribbon in three colours to random parts of her head.

She is about 40cm long, I pinned her hair to the chair leg to stand her up. Oh I also made all of her clothes.