Thursday, March 27, 2014

Car Seat Blanket

Wow hello 2014, I didn't even realise I hadn't written on here since last year. My apologies to anyone that has been checking and there has not been one post.

Well I am still around, My little Carter keeps me well on my toes. He is a very cute boy, he is loving and makes sure most times that I am only a few feet away.

I have been knitting and sewing lately, I made my own variation of a baby doll sling, it has not been photographed as of yet, because our little helpers for one, don't want to wear it long or second, don't stand still long enough.

So without further rambling here is my latest car seat blanket.
I finished this edge off with a picot castoff, I got to the end and had 3cms left and ran out of wool.
 This is the first bi colour blanket I have done, I think I like them all one colour. I don't hate it thou.
As you can tell it is a plain stitch, I picked up the edge the wrong way around that I normally do, But it ended in a nice little stitch the whole way around.
Carter couldn't resist bringing over my herbal tea for a little drink. The plan was to photograph it lying flat. He is like a cat, anytime you lay out a pattern or the paper to read they come right over and sit in the middle.
I love that he sat right on it and thought he was very clever, such a sweet little soul.