Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Two Tier Cake.

Here it is, and maybe the last pictures for a-while as my camera had a problem and had to go in for repair. I miss it already.

This was before the royal icing dots. It is a christening cake for a friend at work. It is for his grand-daughter.

The bottom layer is a Chocolate mud cake with Chocolate butter cream and the top layer is a orange cake with a white chocolate butter cream.

The booties I made by adjusting a pattern from a baby shoe template. 

I made two bows the first one was way out of portion for the cakes.

I added the pink dots last and it really transformed it.

I used a letter tappit for the name.

I also covered the cake board in a white fondant.

I am really pleased with it.

Monday, July 25, 2011


As I have only made one so far I present baby bootie. I have seen pictures for booties all day yesterday. My client wanted a certain type. Do you think I could find a template matching the same one? 

So I made my own, it does have two joins hence the bow around the ankle. You could royal icing for a nice effect.

This is a rough and my first one I made, so I am pretty happy that the next ones for the cake will be awesome. Cake will be finished friday.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baking by day, Knitting by night

This is my cardi, half of it. I have been doing a little each night, before I ran out of wool. I love the colour, and the pattern is very easy so far.

I love this yarn it is called Zara and I got it from my Favourite wool shop Mishi Yarns

I purchased the pattern from Chic knits I only have the sleeves and the collar to go. With 6 weeks until spring I hope that I get a bit of wear out of it before it gets too warm.

Monday, July 18, 2011

All for love.

Baking, even when I feel under the weather, it makes me happy that they will be enjoyed by the people I love.

Indulgent Chocolate brownies, these are one of Michael's favourites.

At the end you add more chocolate and I use a whole bar and leave it in big chucks.

 Next I made Michael's favourite cookies, they are a sugar cookie that I add Chocolate chips into.

I just love little hearts they are very sweet, and because the cutters were a gift they bring very special memories.

I forgot to take them out of the oven when the timer went off so they are a little browner then normal.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finale cake class

Okay so I completed my first stage of covering a cake with butter cream and the final stage of covering in fondant.  I have done two cakes on my own but wanted little tricks of the trade etc.. So without further waiting I bring to you the fondant butter cream flower cake.

I was meant to do drop flowers, my icing wasn't soft enough so they turned out ruffled.

A little crack on the side.

By the time it came to decorating I actually forgot which tip to use for different flowers so stuck to the basics.

Excuse the horrible green lid, not much forward planning with that.

I am signing up for the stage two class next month.

Vanilla Butter cake with a vanilla butter cream icing and filling. I was told to tasted really good as I didn't eat one single slice.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Kitty

Meet my SPCA cat, she was ugly when I first saw her, but Michael convinced me she was the one. We got her almost 3 years ago and because it is a dark morning I cannot take a good photo of my cake that I made in class. So puss is the choice of subject today.

She loves her sheep skin cushion with a heat pad during the day.

And warm soft towels from the line.

She is such a sweet cat, she chills on handmade wool blankets and cushions.

She is my special girl.

Friday, July 8, 2011


  I have always wanted to make a Tiramisu, I am not a big fan but actually really liked the one I made.

The recipe was in a petits fours cookbook I have, I love anything mini.

I made heart shapes and circles then I just finished them all off square.

I think that the chocolate top is a really nice finish.

I only made three layers of sponge.

I used a very fine sieve for the cocoa which gave it a very thin covering.