Sunday, May 29, 2011

Butter Cream

I have a fixation on cupcake icing, I don't eat alot of it and I sure like making it. I would much rather eat the  cupcake without icing or a small amount. So because I had left over icing I made some for a friend's afternoon tea.

Here they are......

I made a chocolate cupcake and a raspberry icing.

I found an old macchiato cup that a friend brought me years ago, I have always loved them.

Perfect Cuppa Cake.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Winter coat

Here it is, long over due and half finished.  I had some great ideas from Mishi Yarns about the top stitching, I used a silk embroidery thread and weaved it in and out of my top stitch. I love it and think it looks good.

I used a striped cotton fabric for the lining, which gives it a pop of colour.

It is covered it cat fur too. I just have the inside lining and buttons to go and I will have a great coat for winter.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweet Cupcake Wishes.

It is here! Not the end of the world but my camera, I knew which one to get so the choice was easy the 4 hour wait for the battery charge was put off by, you guessed it! Cupcake making because they are good still subjects to shoot, as well as the cat.

Butter cake with a raspberry butter cream. I took these down to the ladies at the local hospice shop for afternoon tea.

I had to adjust the size of photos as my new camera has mega pixels to work with and my work computer doesn't like it. Anyway happy days keep watching as I am going to put up photos of the work I have been doing over the last 2 weeks.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Camera is on it's way.

Soon i will have my new camera in my hot little hands, oh the joy it is going to bring. And I will probably bore you with photos upon photos

Anyway my Blast from the past today is a rocky road cake that I like to make because one it's easy and two it looks great.

It is from Martha Stewart website it is just chocolate deliciousness with roasted almonds and those little baked marshmallows.  I should try and make mini ones they would look cute.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Car seat Blanket

I had some left over wool last year and I thought why not make a mini blanket for my little niece. So I just started knitting and this is what I came up with. 

I really like working with the moss stitch and the effect it has.  

I added the ruffle edge after I had made the square.

I am told it washes well and my sister in law gets lots of comments on it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coat and more.

  I am busy sewing my winter coat, I thought the cat has one why not me. In reality thou I have been promising myself to sew a wool coat the way a want it.  I still have no camera so imagine for a few seconds Black (felted) wool that is medium thickness and a green and white stripe cotton lining and some green top stitching, I have put on a back yoke, and just one front yoke for something different.

Now for my picture of the day, it is a sweet little dress I made for my niece for her 3rd birthday.

The embroidery was a little hard to sew thru so it took awhile to sew the arms and neck by hand, the end result was worth it.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Butterfly Biscuits

Homemade Biscuits are big with the man in my house, I really have to be in the mood to make them too. I think it is quicker to make cupcakes.  Anyway another blast from the past these little babies are the first royal icing biscuits I made.

I hope you enjoy my cookies.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blast from the past.

Hi, well I thought I can't take photos of anything I am doing at the moment but I have heaps from the past before I started my little blog. So here it goes....

This is the first cake I ever made with fondant.  

I wanted to put real roses on top but couldn't find the same colour so second choice - cupcakes.

I made these matching cupcakes too, they were fun to do, as I really like working with royal icing and piping.

Oh and these were my every first fondant covered cupcakes too.  I am starting a cake course soon so I really hope to learning a heap of cool things.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy making cupcakes.

Sorry everyone, I thought I posted this two days ago.

I have been baking cupcakes today (two days ago), I also knitted another Koolhaas hat for my cousin and I have started a stole. It is boring black but need a colour that went with my work clothes. Oh and the biggest news Dollie has shoes.

But on to Cupcakes.

These are Chocolate velvet fudge cupcakes, With a fondant shape which I added royal icing and a chocolate butter icing.

I did try and write farewell on them, but I didn't like the look.

I was really happy how they turned out.

Now for a little bad news, I dropped my camera on a concrete floor and now it doesn't worked. I had organised my boss to get my new camera from the states in June so I was gutted that I dropped my old point and shoot I took it everywhere with me.  I now have to wait until sometime in June before I can take photos for you all. (or I may go to my mum's and get hers)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What Wabbit?

This Rabbit was going to go with the blanket, but I stitched the ear on the wrong side and he looked like he was the bad rabbit from water ship down.

Not as cute as the picture but I have added him to the collection to the hospice, it will go to a good home.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Blocked and Finished

It is so exciting when I finish a piece. Jared's pattern was fantastic, it is the second pattern I have made from Brooklyn Tweed and not my last.

I also Started on the Debbie Bliss Rabbit from the book Booties, Blankets & Bears as a present topper. I am running out of wool so it may have to be another trip to the wool shop.