Saturday, April 30, 2011

No Hair, to this!

Well if she looses some it won't make much of a difference as Dollie has heaps. It took a whole afternoon yesterday and on and off today.

 I stitched every single strand on by hand, I didn't want to leave any spots without hair so the back is beautiful and thick and if you move it around you will see no gaps. It is amazing that she can sit up.

I knitted her a little cap and sewed that to her head, then I used a whole ball and a little of a second to finish it off.

She just needs some clothes, oh man her hair, she is wild but it is great. Oh and I have finished the blanket just need to block it and it is ready for it's new home.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

She got legs

Poor Dollie, she has legs but I decided to undo her toes they just looked funny. I added a little blush per the instructions but that may have to leave too. Just not sure if she needs it.

She just needs her hair and some clothes and she is ready for a June Birthday party.  I thought about putting her in a big box and tying balloons around her arm so when Sophia opens the box the balloons fly out, as I am thinking I will have Dora and Boots holding balloons on the birthday cake.

I was told she needed a dimple on her Bum so here it is. I am thinking I will re-do her legs too, they maybe a little too low as she doesn't sit on her bottom.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I have Arms!

But no Legs, I am getting there, as I have no sewing room and I take over the lounge with Craft it isn't pleasing to everyone. So I packed it up and it only comes out when no-one is around. It is quite hard to do, pack up your craft when that is all you want to do. She (Dollie) as I have starting calling her will have her legs by tomorrow and I will start on her hair at Mishi Yarns on wednesday.

I found the fingers a little odd to do, if I make another one I will do it a little different.

I couldn't help myself but to take a photo of Dollie and a cupcake. LOL

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Monday Cupcakes.

Now that I am feeling better, what better way to celebrate then baking cupcakes for the people that have to work today.

Banana cupcakes with chocolate butter cream and a little grated chocolate on top.

A little before snap shot.

Don't you just love rainy day light. It is the best light to photograph. I looked at the new camera again two days ago. I only a few more dollars to save and then I will have pure happiness.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Hello Happy Easter, I decided to sew this lovely Easter weekend. It is very cute and thought it would take longer, but I already have a head and a body. It is a girl and she will be taking shape of Dora the explorer for my special little niece Sophia. She has said that she would like Dora everything.

I just love her little button nose and how it has all taken shape.

And how both eyes are different, I didn't follow the template to the letter I am a little rebellious like that.

This was before her belly button was introduced.

Don't look at me bum, the pattern calls for her to have a bum. LOL it is so cute. My mum made me one of these when I was young so it is very special that I get to make Sophia one to love too.

I must get on doing her arms and legs.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


It is a brownie day, I went to Retro Mummy this morning and her post was brownie and that is exactly what I had made for my friend Rita yesterday. It is also Michael's favourite so I made two.  I had powdered them with Icing sugar before giving them away but they were hot when I took the photos so please excuse the presentation today.

I couldn't remember how they rise as I normally use a square slice pan. Since I was giving them away as a gift I used these large paper cases.

I felt a bit sorry for Anna as I had none to give to her but she loves her photo taken.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Pattern, more baking

Good-morning, it is a beautiful sunny Autumn's day and I am seeing my two most wonderful friends.  So I made Rita a hat and I will be baking her some brownie to take home to her Husband. She now lives in Taupo so our lunches together are now very special.

I started a lace Beret a few months ago and it was so tight to twist the stitches that half way thru I unraveled it to the band and started my own pattern, one that I knew how to do. I also love Yarn over patterns so this is what I ended up with.

I really like the band as it was different, but it took alot of wool and it was really tight to knit also.

My second favourite thing to do is baking and that is what I will be using to make a Brownie recipe that is Michael's favourite thing to eat. I will be trying out these baking paper things, I don't even know what they are called. Will keep you posted if it works out.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Practice makes perfect.

Here is something I tired this week, I saw a picture and thought it would be a cool gift for my sister in law, it is her birthday this weekend and they are going away.

I piped Royal Icing butterflies and dragonflies on top of fondant covered cupcakes.

I made a piping bag out of paper, as I was at work and forgot my tips etc.... so the lines on each cupcake were different, but practice does make prefect.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mini Cake.

This cake had given me trouble from the first time it came out of the oven.   I covered it in fondant 3 times, the piping work I had decided to do looked like my four year old niece did it, I thought I can cover the whole thing in royal icing or take the fondant off and cover it for the fourth time.  I couldn't bear the thought of covering it for the fourth time so out with the palette knife and BAM... A fondant royal icing cake.

So I went out and got some Gerbera's to see if I could make it look beautiful so I could give it to the intended person.

It was pouring with rain in the morning so what better way to feel better about the day then a cup of coffee and Caramel slice for Michael and Berry crumble slice for me.

I looked at a few options before I settled on this end result.

It kind of looked like a little Pav, If only pavlova looked like this.

I think it ended up cute, and I was told it was delicious so mission accomplished.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Blanket Is Coming Along

And so is baby, Not right now but in four months.  I took the blanket in for a sneak preview to the parents, I was worried she might not like it. I was wrong she said F.......(not to repeat) Beautiful.  So glad she liked it.
So a sneak peak for you too.

It looks fantastic, I can only do a few rows at a time and I am hoping to finish it in a another week or 2 at the most.

I was also hoping to show you my third decorated fondant cake but I messed it up big time.  It was definitely a cake I should have planned out so I fixed it but may not show you all yet. It needs a few more touches.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It is Green.

It is green and beautiful, if people can't see you coming I don't know what will. I knitted this for my friend who lent me the cupcake tower. I really liked the colour.

I did bake today, it was a apple and custard pie, and the AGA almost ate it.  Our AGA runs on the hot side and I forgot about it and it burst open. But it did taste good but definitely not photo worthy.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Job.

It was my first job and it was well worth all the hard work. Even if the pay was in love at the end.

My friend Kristy lent me her tower from her wedding and her mum lent me the beautiful vintage wine glasses.

The purple cupcakes were a hit with the kids so if you ever want to get kids to eat stuff purple may be the answer.

I didn't get to go to the party, but my mum said that it was a big talking point. I was really pleased with the outcome so I knew my aunty would love it.

I am also sure that I don't want to do another 50 plus cupcakes out of my kitchen again. I only have a small oven so in the end it was hours of work.

But in saying that, if someone I loved really needed 50 cupcakes I am sure I wouldn't say no.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Bliss, I found out yesterday that I am too old to sit on the ground and glue and paint and create without getting up with a sore back and not being able to stand straight for a good few steps. I need a craft, sew table.

I made a cute little queen masquerade mask for my cousins daughter as a present topper, it was too cute not to do and because I have an endless supply of paint etc.. I only needed to buy stick on jewels.

I also made her a few girlie necklaces and bracelets that went down a treat, she is so cute and put them on straight over her PJ's and was walking around with the mask. ( As I was delivering the cupcakes) that is tomorrow's post.

I just got some ribbon and pulled it thru with a needle and some pliers and tied a knot at each bead, It was fun to do and it was great seeing the magic come alive when a little girl sees stuff made just for her.

I then got pink tissue and put it in a sweet little box.

I added the mask on top with a bow. I try to give my presents something different when there is a party as I like it to stick out and now my sister in law can spot my gifts from across the room.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Busy Two Days.

Baking and more Baking, When does the sew come into it.  Well it is coming, I am going to sew a doll for my niece's fourth birthday that is if I can stop baking and knitting.

Yum my favourite mud cake recipe it is quite runny so it is best poured.

Half of the cupcakes needed.

I did a couple of trial ones for my testers.

The roses swirl is a little harder with full buttercream, I possibly should have made the icing a little softer.

And a little birthday gift from my wonderful sister in law, I love these and I have seen these but I had measuring cups so never brought them. Yeah for presents, you can never have too many measuring cups. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flowers on Flowers

Two days ago I had an Email to check out Heather Bailey's new range which is awesome by the way. They had a photo of a cupcake and I just needed to try it.  I had emailed to get source of the person that did it, but no reply as of yet, and because I can't wait I thought why not just try it.

I first tired an 18 Wilton tip, it is cute but too small, I then used a bigger one, I don't remember which one but it was better, then bring on the 1M Wilton tip and you have something.

First attempt with 18 Tip.

Wilton 1M tip.

The stand my friend lent me, but I just used my glasses from the cupboard

I was nervous about my first job, but now I can't wait to get started.