Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beautiful New Zealand

It is easy to forget what a great country you may live in until you go up a mountain like this one!

Te Mata Peak in Hastings, It was nearly the only thing I saw as I had work the next day, then we drove out on the Friday. Hawkes Bay is known for it's sunshine and the wineries (that will have to be on the next visit.

Michael decided that he would ride up and seeing the other people that he past he made it look easy.

I also thought that the port of Napier was pretty cool, it is logging season (I think) as we saw many trucks and then when you go look down at the port it has rows and rows of logs.

We left Napier for Tairua, but I think I will leave that trip for tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Rita.

It is nice when someone admires your work, so much so that they want what you have, alas mine is a one of a kind, Lucky for Miss Rita I had more fabric in a different colour.
So it was a nice gift to whip up another laminated fabric bag.

Anyway Rita loves it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Domestic Owl

How cute are these? I just loved this little owl in her apron and when I saw the back it just had to go up.  It is from an artist called Lauren Alane check out her Esty shop.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little People Dresses

I am off to Hamilton in 2 days, very excitied as I get to spend time with my brothers family. I don't get to see them much so when I do it is a special time.  So after making all the dresses for christmas I really wanted to give them one, so I download the copy of the summer dress Corrie from RetroMummy posted on her blog and hey presto I have two new little dresses. They are matching in a way I have used both fabrics for each dress.

I also added a little hand sewing on Sophia's dress as it was quite plain I thought it could use some detail.  Anyway off to bake as the cupcakes I made this morning turned into little volancoes halfway thru cooking, and as I make these all the time I was gutted.  Michael was pleased as he now gets to eat the
whole lot.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Cool are these?

I check out this blog regularly, and I only found it a few months ago Decor8 I have been back thru the pages and it took almost 2 days I did stop so didn't get right to the end. Anyway I went over there this morning and got lead to this website The. they have a couple of great products that I think are awesome. One being the Anti-theft lunch bags

I sure we have all worked in places where someone steals food.
The next product I like is this wall notebook, what a great idea. Good gifts for that creative teenager.

Well I am alone today at work so I am making use of the AGA and baking some sugar cookies to take to Hamilton this weekend, good reason to give away some of my hanging butterfly cookies.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sewing up a storm.

 I just can't stop, it is amazing I get to sleep with all the knitting and sewing jamming up my head. When I have to work all day that is all I think about.  My sewing and knitting at home in a pile waiting for me to get home plus the cat.

So without further waiting here it is the Ava Dress, I couldn't help to make it in a candy pink stripe.

I also made a candy stripe underskirt that can be worn on it's own or under the dress.

Instead of a button for second dress I stitched some ribbon into a rose.

the back is a low cut (which I can't show you as computer is not letting me download rotated photo and I don't know how to fix it) , super cute but watch those tiny little backs with sunblock this summer.

One back in the candy.

Anyway I am now going to draft a baby jumpsuit hope it works out.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Well, how exciting I have new cookie cutters from Cox & Cox and Lorna and I had a good play with them today at work.

    If you notice the back cutter has a slot so you can hang your cookie on your cup of coffee/tea.

I just think it is fantastic only problem is not many people come to our house for coffee, but they are great gifts to take to people's home's.

We also played with the snowflake cutters as we always do a christmas window at the shop, we will decorate with icing and glitter as the icing sugar won't cope with the window heat.

Good day's hard work if you ask me.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It is all on!

I have had a busy week full of craft, I am so in love with Modkids and the patterns are so cute, I got mine in the mail last week and went straight to the fabric shops in full force. 

I have 5 little nieces and they are all beautiful.  I am making them all these for Christmas yes I know it is early, I have 3 weekends all booked up with trips so that is 3 weeks that no work will happen.  I have made two already, I think I am driving Michael nuts as each one I hold up and say 'aren't these so cute?' I get a slight nod with a small smirk. (not really interested are you)?  Anyway I am having fun, plus I am still knitting my scarf it is short of 140 cm and it has to been 180 cm I have run out of thread. It will have to wait until I can get to the shop.

Also the back of the second skirt the front is the same as above, I just love that I don't have to hem this overskirt makes it fast and easy.

So that is my progress so far. Looking forward to making the Ava pattern by the end of the week.