Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Sea Of Tulle

The sea of tulle that is to be the Ellie Skirt from Violette Field Threads

My soon to be four year old Niece loves fairy skirts/dresses. She is telling people that is what she is getting.

Her favourite colour is black, but her daddy will not allow it. Hard to believe but there wasn't a nice strong pink to be found in the store I went to. I just love this colour.

Check out the gather on this, I only brought three meters but the pattern called for five.

This was hard enough to sew three I can't imagine what five would have been like.

After I quick text to my sister in law, we decided to shorten the length. When I was cutting I quickly changed my mind. 

It was fine in the end, I just love how it looks from the bottom as much as the front view.

All finished, I am so happy with the finish. It is a clever little pattern that hides all the gather.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dresses For Sienna

I have been the worst blogger since Carter came along. But I have been sewing lately and here is the two dresses I have made for Carter's little friend Sienna.

I made a mistake by putting the wrong binding around the arms. But I think that it was a good mistake as the colours work better.

These are very simple half hour sew with very little material.

I did model this dress on Carter but he kept pulling on it like he shouldn't be wearing a dress.