Monday, September 27, 2010

Quick whip up!

Well there is a new baby in town, so that means bring out the machine and scrap fabric and get to it.

I think that next time I would edge it differently, but the next one I like heaps so may have to make young Sophia one soon.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The New Sack.

Here it is, I brought some laminated fabric from a shop that was closing down. It was my favourite shop to go and be inspired by wonderful fabrics. Anyway they were having a sale so I went along, as I have a few projects in my head. It is an AMY BUTLER fabric which I love.
I catch public transport in my town and sometimes carry around my Lucy and the powder room bag, It has been great and I washed it last week as it is made from canvas type material, but the strap would dig into my shoulder when I put too much in it and it didn't always fit everything in. So out came the Laminated fabric and hello new bag.  I think it is great. I made two one small one to hold my knitting and a rough prototype which is not going to make a grand appearance anytime soon. Anyway here it is.

It also is perfect on those wet days and the rain wipes straight off, I just had to fill it up and see if it carries my favourite mag HOME BEAUTIFUL which it did and the Umbrella.  I think I should make more but I only brought one metre, Bad hindsight.


I have started two new projects this week, One is a raspberry pleated scarf/shawl which I am knitting in 100% Bamboo it is so soft.  It is coming along well.  The other is a Tweeny Doll or should I say doll's for all my nieces.
it also has a pleating on one side which is why i loved the pattern. (excuse sunspots) My Bad.

Must go off to bed, I was left behind, man and little kitty are waiting. Night.


Well I have finished sewing up my cropped box jacket, it has kept me
warm over the last week as we have had a few cold days and lots of rain.
Daylight savings in one more day that makes me extremely happy.  

Sunday, September 19, 2010

All The Pieces

Well here it is, all the pieces. 

I have patiently been waiting for a week now to go into the wool shop to learn how to join my knitting the right way.  It has been a joy to knit as the box sticthing is easy and not boring to do.  I already have my next project in sight and the following after that.  It is a shame that I really got into it at the end of winter. Anyway my mum has given me a little project to do, so that will follow along side my next knitting project.
It is not knitting, it is a sewing project.  Can't wait for daylight savings next week. Anyway on to the sewing up part.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Pamper Day

Oh what a feeling, I had a really great day today.  First it started with a workout with cindy from Fitterfasterstronger it is always a full on Cardio workout on a friday.  You normally feel like you can't give anymore, then it leaves you with the rest of the day on a high.

I then got rang by Lucy And The Powder Room for a complimentary mini facial, before my haircut which I have had a re-style in a 20's style which I love thanks to Angela. Now I really should have put a face on put I am showing the haircut.

So all in all it was a good day, plus the knitting is coming along nicely.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to me!

Well, it has been a little over a week since I decided to start a blog.  It has been my love of reading and being inspired by other blogger's that motivated me to start.  I have been thinking about where to start, the Eat part or Knit part? And as I haven't been sewing that would be pointless.  I am fairly new to knitting (6 months), it blows my mind every time that a ball of wool can end up to be a garment with a few click clacks of the needle.   My Niece was the first recipient of my first ever pattern following. The bug was then started. I have now started my first garment for myself the pattern is Cleckheaton Cropped Jacket. I am really excited and can't wait to wear it.
The wool of choice is naturally me in 8-ply merino & cashmere which I love, Thanks to Mishi Yarns.  I have finished the back and now on to the front. I can't promise to be here everyday, but I will try to inspire you all, as you inspire me.

See you soon.