Saturday, June 30, 2012

Angelina VS Tinkerbell

My Brother's daughter turned five yesterday. What did she want on her cake? A ballerina or Tinker-bell. I immediately thought how about both of them!

I have seen Ombre cakes on the internet, but never had a reason to make one, until now. I made pound cake and split the mixture into four. It had a white chocolate butter cream on the inside.

I knew that when I drew the design, I wanted to do a rose on the cake to match Angelina's one she has on her dress.  Also the stripes were something I love on cakes and want to try it, so this is my first attempt, a few wonky lines but I was pretty happy.

I also knew that to tie in Tinker-Bell there had to be some green so I thought about encore roses. 

I had a friend do the figurines and she did an amazing job, without these we would not have had such an amazing cake.

I love how Monica also added the rose on the number 5, it tied in perfectly.

Both figurines had wire in them so they were not to be eaten.

I absolutely loved Angelina.

As you can tell I took a-lot of photos of her too.

I was also happy with the baby Roses.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hourglass Cowl

 I have been knitting, I have done two hats finished the baby blanket and made an Hourglass cowl from Raverly, the designer you can find Here.  It only took about four nights working for about two hours each night.

I love that this has two great sides, so it is reversible.

I used a wool that was 70% wool and 30% Alpaca, so it is very soft.

I had a work friend do a lovely hand written label and covered an old shoe box for presentation.