Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Even though it is the end of our winter we have had some beautiful sunny days,spring is around the corner so it is time for planting.

The cat got too hot. I also thought since I have my camera back I would try the black and white function.

We picked up some big Queen Palms.

Some springs flowers from the front garden.

We ripped out the old planter box plants for these. Not too exciting yet but we have big plans coming.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mini banana Cakes

At work we sell this wonderful tin, it has 16 round 2 and a half inch tins on one tray. I have always wanted them and the day I decide to buy them my work-mate sold the last one. This is no lie, lucky I know someone that has a set so i can try them out.

Due to the amount of banana's that don't get eaten lately, I trialed the tins with a banana cake.

They are so adorable this size, I changed the recipe as I find with a banana cake recipe they will always end up with a mount in the top. So I changed the flour and this time a skipped the Soda. I read that the soda is just for colour, so I guess you can call these blond banana minis.

I ended up topping them with chocolate icing.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Bolero is finished, and I have worn it and been stopped by a lady that had to touch it and admire it. Which is nice that she commented as you spend hours knitting your little heart out, so it is great when a stranger comments.

Since I have broken my point and shoot it is difficult to take photos of myself wearing this little number, so the chair is it. (note to me, get a tripod)

My seam work is not so flash. must work on that.

The thing I love the most about this Bolero is that you can wear it two ways. Cream edge down, or you can flip it and wear it...

grey side up. It has come in handy the last few days as it is still a little cold and has been perfect.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Knitting again

Well, My camera is home and I have baked. Finished product to come. I have been Knitting a new cardi during the last few days, as the one I started and finished is too small. (wrong Needles) Dumbass as Michael would say.

Anyway this pattern is from the Jo Sharp website. I just love it. It is the origami bolero.

This is the back and sleeves, it is asymmetric and the end bit will be the bottom. It is a top that can be worn upside down, so it is also the top. (fingers crossed)

This is the bottom of the sleeve, I love that it is moss stitch it is my favourite stitch.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It is coming home

My camrea is coming home, I also brought a new cake mixer.  The plan is to bake and shoot tomorrow. It has been a long break but I hope to delight you soon.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


People are interesting, I catch the bus to work in the mornings. I love to watch people's behaviour, I find it really interesting.

The people that sleep like they didn't get enough during the night, how do they manage to get off at their stop as sometimes these people are really asleep (like snoring asleep) and they pop open their eyes ring the bell and get off. Amazes me.

 I also find the people that have their feet and bags all-over other seats like they are claiming a country interesting and annoying. It is also nice to see the young ones that get up off their seats to give an older person their seat, gives you some hope that they aren't all bad mannered. 

Now in the retail game is another story, You get it all, how come people in New Zealand reply back with "just looking" when you just say "Hello, How are you today" Makes me feel like saying something smart back.

Anyway I am happy to play public Survivor and pick who I am voting off the island.

Still no camera - Hopefully soon, so you don't have to read my dribble.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I miss my Camera

Oh I miss my camera and I was told it will be another 2-3 weeks away. Now I ask how come you spend that much money on a camera and it takes 3 weeks to get it fixed. It is only 2 months old.

Anyway I have knitted and baked and can not take photos, so imagination is key here. I made bra and undie cupcakes so very cute, I purchased the mould from Kiwi cakes and pictures can be found here at pretty witty cakes. I also knitted a beanie for my son which I adapted from Jo Sharp under the free patterns it is the K6 ribbed hat.

So that is all, I have almost finished my cardi so fingers crossed that my camera gets returned before the 2-3 weeks it is driving me nuts not being able to take photos.