Friday, January 27, 2012

Baptism Cake

Well, I am not sure if I am going to say yes to making a cake in four days again. Stress, I almost lost my hair.

I have a friend at work ring on the weekend, his friend needed a baptism cake and could I help.

I always ask what kind of cake? Meaning large, small, lots of detail.

"A small cake, like the one you have made before", "Okay sure".  Sometimes my mouth speaks before my head thinks.

Send me details. The details were, roses on the two corners with silver letters. WOW!! Did I just say yes!

The letters were a nightmare, I only had one day to do them. Kind of my fault, I didn't have the right size and forgot to order the tappit. Then they kept breaking as I had to paint them silver.

Anyway I got there and hopefully they love it.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Potted Garden

After visiting a farmers market, a stall owner was selling lettuce and herbs in little round buckets. They had handles for people to carry them away, I said to Mr W, "That's a cool idea I would like one!" the reply "you can go to Bunnings and make one." 

So I did, well I made two. Brought too many seedlings and used an old recycled rimu box that I kept Jakob's toys in when he was a baby.

I also spent more then the $10 the stall owner was asking and got seeds to replace the lettuce we are going to eat. I was so surprised that they grew in 4 days not 7-10 days like the packet said.  Also having not planted seeds since I was a kid, I thought these are so small I will plant a few, I have overcrowding.
I do have a plan for those, but will wait for them to get a little bigger. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Shoulder Shrug

Well now that Christmas and New Year is done and dusted, I can post photos of a shrug I made.

I made this for Michael's mum.  She can knit herself, but she mentioned she would like a shrug/shawl to cover her shoulders and because I love to knit and wanted to make her something I made this little number.

I love the yarn, again it is from Mishi Yarns and is a sock yarn. (sorry I don't remember the yarn)
I also wanted a nice detail on the arm, I think I should have used a small needle to make it a bit tighter.

Overall I am very happy with it. Val it isn't grey!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Butter and Brown Sugar

How good is butter and brown sugar together?

I made some cowboy cookies. Yum the brown sugar makes them taste amazing, how could it not?

Monday, January 9, 2012

First Wedding Cake

Well I never thought I would actually make someone's wedding cake the nerves, it was all too much to think about.

But, a wonderful lady that I admire and think the world of asked me if I could, how could I say no to her?


The tiers before the flowers and before they were stacked.

Flowers, white and ivory roses and calla lilies.

I made the three tiers different colours as I thought it looked better.

The bottom tier is a chocolate cake with salted caramel butter cream, the middle tier is lemon cake with vanilla butter cream and the top tier is a light fruit cake with a lemon butter cream.

This was my fourth attempt at making roses, the practice is finally paying off.

Top tier flowers

We have bad humidity at the moment so the petals were breaking as I was attaching them.

Lucky I made a few.

I am happy with how it turned out.

Today is the wedding and it will be cut up, it will be the first time I see one of my cakes cut, apart from Ella's cat, but that was different for some reason.

This is the back view, I still wanted the back to look appealing as I am not sure how it is going to be displayed.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sneak peek

More roses, This cake will be finished soon so I will be posting pictures of my first ever wedding cake.