Thursday, March 31, 2011

More cupcakes

Well, I have to say that I finally got around to delivering some cupcakes to my cousin at work. I do love my cousin, he is awesome and such a nice guy. I remember when he was little that, I would push him in his pram and walked around with him like he was mine. When he got a little older (3) maybe, I would read him books. I don't see them much but I have a big heart for my family and would be there with a flick of a switch.

So without further waiting here are my little cupcakes that I delivered to my family today.

I brought little snowball marshmallows and cut them in half.

They were just a plain vanilla butter cake and a yummy chocolate buttercream.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I saw a picture of a ruffle cake a couple of months ago and knew that I had to try it. I didn't think it would be so soon. I was asked to make a red velvet cake, (which I don't like) there is just something about a red velvet cake that makes me not like the taste. Anyway I never want to disappoint. First baking of the cake total disaster, didn't bother to ice it. But second one looked good.

So I present my first Ruffle cake, oh and I didn't ruffle top as I ran out of icing. Opps will fix that next time, as this was only a test cake.

I put random red colouring thru icing bag to give a ripple effect.

Keeping this one small as it is blurry, but I had to show the inside as a friend said it is all about the red inside.

I was happy with first attempt, second and final cake will be another layer higher and will have the ruffles on top.

Now I may take a break for a few days as I have hit another snag on beanie.  Confusion on which row I am at. Can't wait for knitting club.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Public Transport Critic!

There comes a Rant, which is not common but, I catch public transport to work and home most days. It is cheaper then driving the 3k's. Some days I wonder is it worth the impatience of others and how rude some people are, not to mention the people that think I want to listen to their bad quailty of music sounds coming out of their phones.

I was thinking it would be fun to have a little checklist of things, one for the driver and one for passengers.  It would have square boxes that you could tick off and then give to it the person that had bad etiquette. Why have we decided that it is okay to let the person with two bags have them on the seat and we stand, or they sit on the outside chair and put their bags on the inside. I ask these people to move over or move their stuff, sometimes even if there is another seat (they hate moving their stuff) but as a friend says they didn't pay for two seats. Drivers need the critic more then passengers sometimes and I think things have to change, I say bring on the Public Transport Critic - Say no to others putting their wet umbrella on the only available seat, what is with that? Next time I will ask them to sit there and I will take their dry seat.

Okay sorry, I do feel better and get up if you spent all day sitting at school and give that old lady/man a seat.

Rant over, I am trailling red velvet cake today, it is a request as I don't like red velvet cake. Yesterday's one was a disaster.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Thank-you to Jared @ Brooklyn Tweed the Koolhaas pattern has kept me busy for a few days when it should only be one day max.  As some would know I have only been following patterns for 6 months to a year. (it has been on and off) I don't choose simple patterns at times, I choose patterns that I like and never to turn down a challenge. I thought no problem I can do cables so I can do a beanie. Oh how wrong was I.

As you can see by the ball, I have stuffed it in the knitting bag to came back to it, many times. Michele from mishi yarns started from the rib as I was not getting it. So after a few rows I was amazed that the pattern was working and I was finally on my way. Until I messed up somehow so backwards I go, I dropped a stitch without realising and now I can't figure how to pick up 5 whole stitches.  Much help is needed.

It will look great one day, I was hoping to make a few of these. I think I will tackle the next one in a few months. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It smells like mud cake.

My other love today, baking. The house always smells so good when I make these. So I thought I would do the birth of one of my mud-cake creations.

Okay so I missed a step in the birth, the batter opps sorry. This batter has a block of chocolate 200grams so if it sits around it goes gooey so I forgot to get a photo but I quickly opened the oven half way thru.

All baked in a quick 18mins. I have made some toppers to go on top and Coffee icing is always nice on these, as the cake has coffee in it too. Because they are for a cycle event I have made little bikes to put on top.

A little rough with the edges, I lost two front wheels in the drying process. I think they are fun and look great on top of each cupcake. Not as cute as butterflies but definitely boy friendly.
I am not too happy about today's swirls they need more practice with the tip I used. Anyway I think they will do the trick.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello Ireland.

Just had to say hello to Ireland, very random but that is me sometimes a bit left field. But all for a good reason. I finished one of my hats this morning and now I have a chance to show you.

To solve the running out of wool I moved to a 5 ply in same colour and moved the needles down twice, there wasn't much difference as I ran out two rows into the shaping so it blends well.

I showed a friend this morning and she is going to give it a good home on her head.
Now I just have to get moving on the Brooklyn Tweed koolhaas pattern and I am set for the next day. I have a day off tomorrow.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Knit you a Hat or Two.

 I started a beanie project at Mishi yarns to get home to find I left the pattern there, oh what to do, start a new one!

I have unraveled this a few times and think I will have to do it again.

So armed with two balls of wool I start a beautiful lace beret, only to get to the crown shaping part to realise that the balls of wool I used last time had more metres or yardage (depends where you are from).   I call trusted Michelle only to find out that she hasn't got the colour anymore as she had a sale and it has gone.  In two days my project turned from happy knitted bliss to a mad panic to find somewhere else that sells it. I have to wait until Thursady oh Thursday is a long way away.  It is also one way to figure out that I am new to knitting, the other is I didn't photocopy the page of the pattern that tells you how much wool to use. 

Anyway I still enjoy watching the pattern reveal itself as I knit oh the joys. 

The birth of a butterfly.

 I love to create to give it away, it gives me great pleasure to put my heart and soul in a project and give it up for someone else to enjoy. Even if it is someone I don't know.

I  have a new girl at work and it was her friend's birthday so I gave her a lesson on how to make the butterflies.  It is quite funny as she has never done any kind of normal baking that comes naturally to me, I have been doing it since I was young. I remember my brother and sister paying me to make chocolate self saucing pudding in winter when we were young.

Anyway when I came to recuse the butterflies the next day from their drying spot the wings were all bent and pushed together so we lost half of them as I couldn't get them off the drying rack.

Broken Wings
They still looked great and she was very pleased with her first effort to make butterflies.  They were also received very well mission accomplished.

I mixed the last few colours together and got this dye tied effect, Some of them were awesome.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I am Here!

Sorry I have been on holiday, but since being back I have started two knitting projects and cupcakes.

 Posts will be arriving soon.