Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby Shower Cake

A baby shower cake. Not for me but a friend's sister, she is due very soon.  It was based on a Debbie Brown cake from the baby cakes book.

I made the stork and the baby.

I liked how the legs were wrinkly. 

Just after this photo the poor feet broke right in the middle, I couldn't believe it.

I still think it was cute.

I made the first babies head twice as big.

I was a bit worried about painting the blue on as I had never done it before. I wasn't sure if fondant had to be dry or not. I went with not, worked out fine.

Oh, look at the baby.

I had worked all day on  this cake, so by the time I got to the clouds and they weren't turning out as I wanted them to, I gave in to my has to be perfect self and did my best.

Over-all I thought that it turned out well and the mother to be came in to say thanks, so mission accomplished. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nesting On

Now that kiddo is only 7 weeks away, I have started the last finishing things. So finally the ends have been woven in, and not by me but a lovely friend of mine did as we were having a cuppa.

I have decided to keep it after I thought that I might sell it.

It gives the room a bit more colour and is a nice weight.

I was thinking another car seat blanket with thin chevron would be pretty cool, I might wait for baby to arrive so it doesn't have to be uni-sexed.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Car Seat Blanket

When my second niece was born I made her a blanket to fit in her car seat. It ended up being such a practical size for my sister in law, I thought if I ever have another baby I would make one for my bubs.

I used a 4 ply baby merino from dream time. I knitted on 3.25mm needles.

I did a twisted rib pattern and made it almost square.

I wanted to also do a mitre corner. But my lack in patience how to be shown, I just pick up all the edges and ribbed it. I still love it, as the corners curl under so bubs feet should stay nice and covered.