Tuesday, August 9, 2011


People are interesting, I catch the bus to work in the mornings. I love to watch people's behaviour, I find it really interesting.

The people that sleep like they didn't get enough during the night, how do they manage to get off at their stop as sometimes these people are really asleep (like snoring asleep) and they pop open their eyes ring the bell and get off. Amazes me.

 I also find the people that have their feet and bags all-over other seats like they are claiming a country interesting and annoying. It is also nice to see the young ones that get up off their seats to give an older person their seat, gives you some hope that they aren't all bad mannered. 

Now in the retail game is another story, You get it all, how come people in New Zealand reply back with "just looking" when you just say "Hello, How are you today" Makes me feel like saying something smart back.

Anyway I am happy to play public Survivor and pick who I am voting off the island.

Still no camera - Hopefully soon, so you don't have to read my dribble.

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