Saturday, December 3, 2011

Did I Say.. Gingerbread houses?

It started with a big ball of gingerbread dough.

It ended up like this, I love to do window displays and I can't wait for every year when I can do the store christmas window. Last year my boss had a different idea, so this had to wait until this year.

I had a ball looking for the lollies to decorate these beauties.

Santa, Frosty and the tree were all lollipops that I pulled the sticks off.

I used hundreds and thousands for the roof tiles, can you believe it was a whole packet?

I made four mini houses too.

It was great to hear all walks of life from outside going, WOW, Look at that and How clever. It just makes it all worth the effort.

Because all our ovens are double ovens it makes great use of the space and people can see how big the ovens actually are.

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