Thursday, May 10, 2012

So Sorry - And for Susan xox


Well it has been a long time not being creative, It has been a long few months feeling sick and I have recently been getting headaches. The cause well that is the exciting news... a little baby is on it's way, due in October. I have also found out that a few other people are due at the same time, it is nice as I knew no-one having a baby when Jakob came along.

Anyway so I have very slowly been knitting the baby a blanket, it is a chevron the wool is a mix of wool and alpaca, it feels nice. I am still unsure if I like it, so there probably will be another one coming up.

I love Chevron, and I have for a while and in the last few weeks I have seen people talk about chevron all over the place.

I guess the colours aren't exactly what I intended.

Looking at them in photo form, it looks quite cool.

Hopefully I will be back more often if not please excuse me, some days are better then others.


  1. How good to have you back. And congratulations on the new baby. Hope you're feeling better soon. The blanket is great!

    1. Oh thanks Harriet, I have been terrible in posting stuff. I have heaps in the pipeline getting my nesting on. xox