Saturday, June 30, 2012

Angelina VS Tinkerbell

My Brother's daughter turned five yesterday. What did she want on her cake? A ballerina or Tinker-bell. I immediately thought how about both of them!

I have seen Ombre cakes on the internet, but never had a reason to make one, until now. I made pound cake and split the mixture into four. It had a white chocolate butter cream on the inside.

I knew that when I drew the design, I wanted to do a rose on the cake to match Angelina's one she has on her dress.  Also the stripes were something I love on cakes and want to try it, so this is my first attempt, a few wonky lines but I was pretty happy.

I also knew that to tie in Tinker-Bell there had to be some green so I thought about encore roses. 

I had a friend do the figurines and she did an amazing job, without these we would not have had such an amazing cake.

I love how Monica also added the rose on the number 5, it tied in perfectly.

Both figurines had wire in them so they were not to be eaten.

I absolutely loved Angelina.

As you can tell I took a-lot of photos of her too.

I was also happy with the baby Roses.

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