Monday, July 29, 2013

Clockwork Scarf

Clockwork by Stephen West on Ravelry Here

When I saw this Pattern, I knew exactly who I would make it for.
 I have had this dream that I would knit all the women in my family a piece to love as much I love to knit it.

I first messed it up so had to undo it and start again. 

I used smaller needles then the pattern suggested and it resulted in a smaller scarf, I still have to block it.

It is a very simple knit as they are all knit stitches apart from the three pearl stitches. 

I went with browns as it goes with bright colours which my mum can sometimes wear and it goes with neutrals too.

Of course I had to get my little model in a pic. He tried to rip it off. LOL

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