Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bunting Decorations - For A Celebration

 Crepe paper, it was a huge hit in the 70's and probably early 80's if my memory serves me right. I wasn't that old back then.

My invites for Carter's1st birthday had bunting on it, so I knew that I wanted bunting at his party. I had wanted to do fabric ones and in the colours on his invite and I had a plan to give away each of my nieces and nephews a string to keep as a memento.

But with the sale of the house and the crazy next door neighbour, time wasn't on my side. So I went down to the local dollar bargain store and picked up some crepe paper.

I used double-sided tape and ran that along the top of each triangle.

With the narrow roll of crepe paper I cut it in half and used more double-sided tape and there you have it colourful bunting.

I forgot to take photos on the day of the bunting, so this is the effect we got. 

This is the birthday boy enjoying ripping it up after the party.

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