Friday, September 24, 2010

The New Sack.

Here it is, I brought some laminated fabric from a shop that was closing down. It was my favourite shop to go and be inspired by wonderful fabrics. Anyway they were having a sale so I went along, as I have a few projects in my head. It is an AMY BUTLER fabric which I love.
I catch public transport in my town and sometimes carry around my Lucy and the powder room bag, It has been great and I washed it last week as it is made from canvas type material, but the strap would dig into my shoulder when I put too much in it and it didn't always fit everything in. So out came the Laminated fabric and hello new bag.  I think it is great. I made two one small one to hold my knitting and a rough prototype which is not going to make a grand appearance anytime soon. Anyway here it is.

It also is perfect on those wet days and the rain wipes straight off, I just had to fill it up and see if it carries my favourite mag HOME BEAUTIFUL which it did and the Umbrella.  I think I should make more but I only brought one metre, Bad hindsight.

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