Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Icing Class

 I have been attending a basic decorating course, I have found most of the classes boring apart from this week as I got to use my creativeness instead of following an old fashioned cake book. (so to speak) They said the course has been updated but I don't think it has in my eyes.  Anyway we got to do cupcakes yesterday my favourite thing to decorate.  Here is what I come up with.

We learned how to do leaves, If I only got one (leaf tip) earlier I would have realised how easy it is, you most try it if you haven't, so much fun.

I also sprinkled them with glitter dust.

And I used wilton colours to get them bright and vibrant.  I may have to add them to the butterflies for some effect. When I perfect them I will post it.

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