Thursday, February 3, 2011

Have Wool Will Knit

I have new wool, I have been trying to get to the wool shop for 3 days I went two mornings in a row before I realised in summer she opens at 10 am instead of 9 am like winter. So I had to wait to go at night which I did now I have wool, yippee I am happy when I have wool.

Not the colours I was first thinking, but I do like a bright colour for little ones. It is a New Zealand wool that can go in the washing machine so that is perfect for a baby as hand washing can take time.

 It took a few rows to see the pattern, at first I wasn't sure. It is growing on me. I like the colours the unsure part is the multi coloured wool, I think it may have been better a solid colour.

It is another Debbie Bliss pattern, I really like her wools and the way she does her colours. It was meant to have 236 cast on stitches but because I am using different wool I cast on 200 it is still alot but worth it.

Anyway I only have another 14 days to finish this see you next time.

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