Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Two Tier Cake.

Here it is, and maybe the last pictures for a-while as my camera had a problem and had to go in for repair. I miss it already.

This was before the royal icing dots. It is a christening cake for a friend at work. It is for his grand-daughter.

The bottom layer is a Chocolate mud cake with Chocolate butter cream and the top layer is a orange cake with a white chocolate butter cream.

The booties I made by adjusting a pattern from a baby shoe template. 

I made two bows the first one was way out of portion for the cakes.

I added the pink dots last and it really transformed it.

I used a letter tappit for the name.

I also covered the cake board in a white fondant.

I am really pleased with it.


  1. And so you should be pleased with it. It's amazing - how do you do that, make it so perfect and beautiful? Grandfather must have been delighted.

  2. Thanks Harriet, They were delighted.