Saturday, September 3, 2011


Okay it turned from a 60th to a 60th, 50th and also one 16th. I do love a good cupcake making session. So here is part of the goodies. I am only half way thru making the cake.

Tappit letters, these are so good. Even if they are sometimes hard to get out and break when dry and you are about to stick them on. I always make extra and sometimes not enough. So make sure you keep the same coloured fondant just in case.

I piped some royal icing dots, and these will be the cupcake toppers. I have a large one for the top of the cake it is still in the making.

All the little soldiers.

I just love this yellow, it is bright and cheerful. 

I haven't even shown you my new machine in the kitchen. It is by breville and it is amazing, sometimes too amazing.

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