Sunday, September 4, 2011

I love this photograph.

Here it is after one year of it being in the packaging it came in, it is framed and it has been hanging on the wall now for 4 days. I just love it. It sits right above where I mix all my baking.

It is so fantastic and I am so happy to finally have it on my wall. The photo is from Philip Ficks he has a  great website that I came across while reading decor8. I noticed that Philip had a cart but it wasn't active so I emailed him. Before you knew it it was packaged up and at my work's doorstep, it is so wonderful the colours were better then on the website. So thank-you Philip Ficks and decor8.

Cupcakes in the making.
 I love to look at the photo and see all the different cutters and hopefully if Philip reads this he will comment on the history behind the cutters and table as I can't find the email.

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