Friday, November 18, 2011

Rose Practice

Okay so I decided I can do anything, yes that is right anything. A friend asked me if I would do her wedding cake. Wedding cakes freak me out!  Because it is a big day, and everything needs to be perfect. A simple cake was requested so I said 'YES',  I can do simple. That is before I knew it was roses, okay I have been taught how to make them. That is the first part done, it looks so simple on you tube, But.. I did it

It is fantastic when you have a plan and it starts to work out, I intend to practice until the big day, or week. 

I brought two lots of cutters, as the first cutter I brought were the petal cutters as singles, as I couldn't find the 5 petal easy rose cutters. Which is okay as now I can make single rose petals to scatter in a few places around the cake.

My cones in all different sizes, that needs a little work.

I also tired to use the pasta roller for thin petals but it kept breaking so back to the old rolling pin, also it is pretty warm inside at the moment and they are getting hard fast.

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