Sunday, October 7, 2012

1st Birthday Sewing

As soon as I saw these little dolls, I knew I had to make them for one of my little nieces.

The pattern is from Ginger Melon and this is where you can find the pattern.

I didn't add the crown on mine.

I changed the colours a few times, as the combos I wasn't happy with.

I am not the best at embroidery, I just give it a go.

I really love how they turned out and I am sure she will love them to.

I also made her a bib, I had seen these last year on this blog. If you head to tutorials and look for bapron you will find the pattern and instructions. 

It was very easy and I will definitely be making some for my baba. 


  1. The dolls are adorable! I have just bought a sewing machine and made my first thing!

  2. That is awesome, sewing is so much fun.