Saturday, January 26, 2013

Baby Koolhaas

My wool store is closing down, it is so handy to me and the owner is great too. She is so helpful and I have learnt alot from her. I will miss going there and chatting, it is a little harder these days as I have Carter to think about. He is a light sleeper and will sleep in pram but if it stops hello high beams are on.

So I knew if I had a boy he had to have a matching beanie to dad's Koolhaas hat by Jared Flood of Brookyln Tweed 

I first thought I had to adapt the pattern because his head being smaller, I only cast on 88 stitches, pattern called for more.

He looked too cute so had to take some photos, then I realised that I could probably cast on the same amount of stitches because I was only using a 4 ply and I was using smaller needles also.

I then spoke with Michele (my knit pro) and she suggested that I could also use a slightly bigger needle. so I unravelled my work and started again. The new beanie I am working on will fit for much longer as I can get it on my head. ( I have a small head ) Anyway when I have finished I will post the photos.

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