Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013

Hello, I really intended to post this yesterday so I had a post for the first day of the year.  Sadly my days don't always go as planned with a eleven week old boy. I don't know how the ladies with more then two children do it. 

Carter is a awesome contented baby and easy, he doesn't complain much. If he does it is for only two reasons, feeding and put me to sleep please.
I just realised in New Zealand we are a day ahead so the date of this post is still the first, yippee.

So I thought what better way to start the new year then a nice chocolate cake. Since Carter has been born and I was able to function again I have wanted cake. Michael has been to the shop to buy it which was great. But there is nothing like home-made cake.

It is a chocolate cake filled with fresh cream and because it is summer what better then fresh Strawberries. Topped with a ganache.

My piping nozzle kept getting blocked by chunks of chocolate I may have chilled it too quick, so I ended up just squeezing it out in a random pattern.

It didn't effect the taste, which was beautiful not too sweet and just right. Goldilocks would have loved it.

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