Sunday, October 3, 2010

It is all on!

I have had a busy week full of craft, I am so in love with Modkids and the patterns are so cute, I got mine in the mail last week and went straight to the fabric shops in full force. 

I have 5 little nieces and they are all beautiful.  I am making them all these for Christmas yes I know it is early, I have 3 weekends all booked up with trips so that is 3 weeks that no work will happen.  I have made two already, I think I am driving Michael nuts as each one I hold up and say 'aren't these so cute?' I get a slight nod with a small smirk. (not really interested are you)?  Anyway I am having fun, plus I am still knitting my scarf it is short of 140 cm and it has to been 180 cm I have run out of thread. It will have to wait until I can get to the shop.

Also the back of the second skirt the front is the same as above, I just love that I don't have to hem this overskirt makes it fast and easy.

So that is my progress so far. Looking forward to making the Ava pattern by the end of the week.

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