Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sewing up a storm.

 I just can't stop, it is amazing I get to sleep with all the knitting and sewing jamming up my head. When I have to work all day that is all I think about.  My sewing and knitting at home in a pile waiting for me to get home plus the cat.

So without further waiting here it is the Ava Dress, I couldn't help to make it in a candy pink stripe.

I also made a candy stripe underskirt that can be worn on it's own or under the dress.

Instead of a button for second dress I stitched some ribbon into a rose.

the back is a low cut (which I can't show you as computer is not letting me download rotated photo and I don't know how to fix it) , super cute but watch those tiny little backs with sunblock this summer.

One back in the candy.

Anyway I am now going to draft a baby jumpsuit hope it works out.

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