Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Back.

Well I have had an eventful weekend with another eventful weekend coming up. I have been in the Goldcoast which  I renamed while I was there to Coldcoast, then when I got back it was cold here. I really miss warm weather I hope I get to see some soon.

On a happier note I had to have a cupcake this morning Petal Cupcakes, they are delicious only problem is that they are right across the road from my work calling me everyday. Which I am good, I only go for a pick me up once in every few weeks. So if you are in Newmarket you must try them my favourite is Golden Syrup they taste like the best Caramel I have never made.

I just love these photos as the cupcakes look like roses.

I haven't had with tea but they are great with coffee. Just beautiful.

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