Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekend at Taupo

What a great weekend I had, we went to Taupo for the Contact Taupo cycle challenge it was great weather and the event was awesome for those riding. I took the support role again not sure if cycling 160kms is my idea of fun on a saturday morning. I also saw my friend Rita's new home, it was nice seeing her again and where she is.

Lake Taupo

Michael did an awesome job on his ride, he was looking for sub 4.30 and got a 4.24 time, that is hours and minutes. So after the ride we swam and ate then off to drinks with the GMC Team. It was a great weekend and I always liked it in Taupo, it has a great feel about it especially when it is sunny and warm.

Michael after 160kms on the bike.

T-Shirts from GMC.

Some of the GMC Team.

I also took my old school SLR with me and it was awesome to get a photo that is on film but after seeing digital photos for so long it is hard to get use to the grainy look. But there is something special about them.

Elite Men's (start)

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