Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Plymouth and Race Day

It was Race day again for Michael this weekend just been,  in  New Plymouth a 4 hour drive from Auckland.  We only saw Mt Taranaki on the first day just the tip of it, Michael said he cycled around it and didn't see it.  The day was cloudy and sunny and very very windy.

Just to show how windy it was.

I just loved the light coming thru this beautiful old gate.

Michael and the GMC crew had a long 4 hours ahead of them to cycle around the mountain 160 km. While they were out I explored.  New Plymouth has a fantastic coastal walkway that goes about 6 km it was a nice walk apart from the wind, the rocks and little decks made it a special place for the locals and visitors to enjoy.  

Sue and Rodney.



I got back in time to see the elite men start and the first finisher after that, it was a great trip away with another around the corner.

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