Saturday, October 22, 2011

Finished Kitty Cake

Here he is, in his garden ready to play or to be eaten.

I am sure Ella loved him in her secret 2 year old way.

You wouldn't know it, after countless times that I moved him, when I went to move him on the cake his front leg fell off. 

It was fun to make and I may possibly make another one (but not soon).

He ended up with no two front paws, one ear, one eye. Ella kept saying lollie, lollie, it was very cute.

The big Blowing out of the 2 candles, I wish I only had a few candles to blow out next year.

The tree animals were a small hit, Poor Ella was woken from her sleep. Overall a great day with my little nieces, If only they lived closer, I would love to see more often.

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