Thursday, December 16, 2010


It is all done and after wrapping the presents I started to delete the photos and realised I hadn't download the photos.  I wasn't happy I will have to take a photo tomorrow after it is opened. I did save one photo from destruction.

I also made my brothers birthday cake as it is his birthday tomorrow.  I must say it looks rather good.  But when I woke up this morning some of the ganache has gone a light brown colour Damn humidity I am guessing as I have made this ganache before and that has never happened.  Lucky I got photos of that before it turned bad. It is still edible.  It is only my second decorated cake so I feel good about it anyway.

I got asked for chocolate so chocolate he got, it is a mud cake with chocolate butter cream then layered with chocolate fondant with a chocolate ganache.  I also made fudge and put them in a mould and poured chocolate on top. Also the big pieces of chocolate is fudge dipped in you guessed it chocolate.

I thought I should write happy birthday as well, so he knows I made it for this birthday and not our christmas get together.

 I cut out fondant hearts and piped ganache around the edge.

Anyway that is about it. Christmas comes early tomorrow, yum good food and family laughs.

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