Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ribbons and more ribbons.

 I have (had) a big stash of ribbons and it is a stash as most of it is hidden.  So it came out of hiding and I started a project.  I thought why not wrap the girls presents in something other then gift wrap so I started to cut ribbon for a different approach to wrapping.

 A couple of bags for the girls to use after the clothes I made are pulled out.  It took a few more hours then I thought it would, but once I figured out how to sew them on I was away.  Simple and because I am only making them for the bigger girls I only have to make one more.

I have cut out the last two skirts and I am half way thru the second bag.  i am keeping myself busy, as well as playing Angry Birds on the Ipad.

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  1. i love it oh and did i mention i LOVE it :O)