Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I love to bake.

I do love to bake, I like to taste the mix or batter and when it is cooked a have a small test and love to give it away. Most of it goes to Michael.  But I caught some snowflakes in a jar today for young Maya and Bond.
I love the idea of baking for christmas and give it as gifts but where do people find the energy and time.  I have tired for the last three days, the flour was in a bowl for 2 as I get to bake at work but the last christmas shoppers have been keeping me very busy.  The next day I had butter in a bowl and sugar measured out. Day three I finally got to mix the two together and bake these.

I tied a bow around the jar and presto snowflakes in a jar with snow.

So I had our second family early christmas tonight and it was alot of fun, I really enjoyed it.

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