Sunday, March 27, 2011

Public Transport Critic!

There comes a Rant, which is not common but, I catch public transport to work and home most days. It is cheaper then driving the 3k's. Some days I wonder is it worth the impatience of others and how rude some people are, not to mention the people that think I want to listen to their bad quailty of music sounds coming out of their phones.

I was thinking it would be fun to have a little checklist of things, one for the driver and one for passengers.  It would have square boxes that you could tick off and then give to it the person that had bad etiquette. Why have we decided that it is okay to let the person with two bags have them on the seat and we stand, or they sit on the outside chair and put their bags on the inside. I ask these people to move over or move their stuff, sometimes even if there is another seat (they hate moving their stuff) but as a friend says they didn't pay for two seats. Drivers need the critic more then passengers sometimes and I think things have to change, I say bring on the Public Transport Critic - Say no to others putting their wet umbrella on the only available seat, what is with that? Next time I will ask them to sit there and I will take their dry seat.

Okay sorry, I do feel better and get up if you spent all day sitting at school and give that old lady/man a seat.

Rant over, I am trailling red velvet cake today, it is a request as I don't like red velvet cake. Yesterday's one was a disaster.

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