Monday, March 21, 2011

The birth of a butterfly.

 I love to create to give it away, it gives me great pleasure to put my heart and soul in a project and give it up for someone else to enjoy. Even if it is someone I don't know.

I  have a new girl at work and it was her friend's birthday so I gave her a lesson on how to make the butterflies.  It is quite funny as she has never done any kind of normal baking that comes naturally to me, I have been doing it since I was young. I remember my brother and sister paying me to make chocolate self saucing pudding in winter when we were young.

Anyway when I came to recuse the butterflies the next day from their drying spot the wings were all bent and pushed together so we lost half of them as I couldn't get them off the drying rack.

Broken Wings
They still looked great and she was very pleased with her first effort to make butterflies.  They were also received very well mission accomplished.

I mixed the last few colours together and got this dye tied effect, Some of them were awesome.

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