Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello Ireland.

Just had to say hello to Ireland, very random but that is me sometimes a bit left field. But all for a good reason. I finished one of my hats this morning and now I have a chance to show you.

To solve the running out of wool I moved to a 5 ply in same colour and moved the needles down twice, there wasn't much difference as I ran out two rows into the shaping so it blends well.

I showed a friend this morning and she is going to give it a good home on her head.
Now I just have to get moving on the Brooklyn Tweed koolhaas pattern and I am set for the next day. I have a day off tomorrow.


  1. Hello from Ireland! Love that hat - which pattern did you use? Enjoy your day off.

  2. Hi Harriet,

    Because I am new to knitting I only copied the pattern and not the book it came from. I was from a friends book it may have been called Eco knits. I will ask her but it will take a few days. I will enjoy my day off (I will be knitting).

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Harriet,

    The pattern came from this book: Sirdar 336C Eco Wool DK book. My friend said it was brought a few years ago. It had alot of really nice patterns.