Saturday, March 26, 2011


Thank-you to Jared @ Brooklyn Tweed the Koolhaas pattern has kept me busy for a few days when it should only be one day max.  As some would know I have only been following patterns for 6 months to a year. (it has been on and off) I don't choose simple patterns at times, I choose patterns that I like and never to turn down a challenge. I thought no problem I can do cables so I can do a beanie. Oh how wrong was I.

As you can see by the ball, I have stuffed it in the knitting bag to came back to it, many times. Michele from mishi yarns started from the rib as I was not getting it. So after a few rows I was amazed that the pattern was working and I was finally on my way. Until I messed up somehow so backwards I go, I dropped a stitch without realising and now I can't figure how to pick up 5 whole stitches.  Much help is needed.

It will look great one day, I was hoping to make a few of these. I think I will tackle the next one in a few months. 

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