Monday, March 21, 2011

Knit you a Hat or Two.

 I started a beanie project at Mishi yarns to get home to find I left the pattern there, oh what to do, start a new one!

I have unraveled this a few times and think I will have to do it again.

So armed with two balls of wool I start a beautiful lace beret, only to get to the crown shaping part to realise that the balls of wool I used last time had more metres or yardage (depends where you are from).   I call trusted Michelle only to find out that she hasn't got the colour anymore as she had a sale and it has gone.  In two days my project turned from happy knitted bliss to a mad panic to find somewhere else that sells it. I have to wait until Thursady oh Thursday is a long way away.  It is also one way to figure out that I am new to knitting, the other is I didn't photocopy the page of the pattern that tells you how much wool to use. 

Anyway I still enjoy watching the pattern reveal itself as I knit oh the joys. 


  1. Just found you via Brooklyn Tweed. Oh, that wool! Anyway, wanted to say what beautiful photos you have on your blog. Really clear and bright. And I love the pink scarf - I may have to make one for our next winter. Keep up the great blog.

  2. I love Brooklyn Tweed, I just brought 3 more patterns from the site. Thank-you for your wonderful comments, photos have always been a passion I am saving for a new camera as this one is just a small one I keep in my handbag.