Thursday, March 24, 2011

It smells like mud cake.

My other love today, baking. The house always smells so good when I make these. So I thought I would do the birth of one of my mud-cake creations.

Okay so I missed a step in the birth, the batter opps sorry. This batter has a block of chocolate 200grams so if it sits around it goes gooey so I forgot to get a photo but I quickly opened the oven half way thru.

All baked in a quick 18mins. I have made some toppers to go on top and Coffee icing is always nice on these, as the cake has coffee in it too. Because they are for a cycle event I have made little bikes to put on top.

A little rough with the edges, I lost two front wheels in the drying process. I think they are fun and look great on top of each cupcake. Not as cute as butterflies but definitely boy friendly.
I am not too happy about today's swirls they need more practice with the tip I used. Anyway I think they will do the trick.

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