Saturday, April 9, 2011


Bliss, I found out yesterday that I am too old to sit on the ground and glue and paint and create without getting up with a sore back and not being able to stand straight for a good few steps. I need a craft, sew table.

I made a cute little queen masquerade mask for my cousins daughter as a present topper, it was too cute not to do and because I have an endless supply of paint etc.. I only needed to buy stick on jewels.

I also made her a few girlie necklaces and bracelets that went down a treat, she is so cute and put them on straight over her PJ's and was walking around with the mask. ( As I was delivering the cupcakes) that is tomorrow's post.

I just got some ribbon and pulled it thru with a needle and some pliers and tied a knot at each bead, It was fun to do and it was great seeing the magic come alive when a little girl sees stuff made just for her.

I then got pink tissue and put it in a sweet little box.

I added the mask on top with a bow. I try to give my presents something different when there is a party as I like it to stick out and now my sister in law can spot my gifts from across the room.

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