Friday, April 22, 2011


Hello Happy Easter, I decided to sew this lovely Easter weekend. It is very cute and thought it would take longer, but I already have a head and a body. It is a girl and she will be taking shape of Dora the explorer for my special little niece Sophia. She has said that she would like Dora everything.

I just love her little button nose and how it has all taken shape.

And how both eyes are different, I didn't follow the template to the letter I am a little rebellious like that.

This was before her belly button was introduced.

Don't look at me bum, the pattern calls for her to have a bum. LOL it is so cute. My mum made me one of these when I was young so it is very special that I get to make Sophia one to love too.

I must get on doing her arms and legs.

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