Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Blanket Number Two

Here it is, number two baby blanket.  It is for my other cousins first baby and his partner wanted cream so it can be used for their 5 babies they say they are going to have. My thought was wait until the first before you say you are having 5. All babies are cute human or animals there is nothing cuter than a small little baby even cupcakes are cute. In speaking of cupcakes I was lent a awesome cupcake stand for my first job. I will post photos sometime this week.

The beginning few rows of the Shale Pattern from Brooklyn Tweed, it is one of many patterns that I love from Jared. It is coming along well until last night when I realised I was losing stitches somewhere so had to go back 8 rows. I have knitted them all back on so no-one knows anything went wrong, about from you.


Time for work, oh I wish people paid me everyday to bake cakes. 

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